Stoovo is working towards several goals that match ESG investing criteria

Did you know that nearly 40% of U.S. workers now participate in the gig economy in some form?


Uncertainty of the pandemic and its impact on the stability of jobs has only increased the need for workers to augment incomes, as many people like students and retirees only work in the sector part-time…

The number of platforms that gig workers can use to earn money is multiplying, but that just means job information and earning data is fragmented, leaving it up to gig workers to guess which opportunities will earn them the most money!

It’s this critical problem that STOOVO is solving…

Read full Article by Amit Bhatti in 500 Startups.


STOOVO is an AI/ML platform for gig jobs that offers crucial data and guidance on the best opportunities to meet a user’s financial goals. The app helps identify where gig workers should go to maximize income, when to work to optimize time, and what platforms to use to achieve their financial goals.

  • The ability to enter an earning goal, set up a skills profile, and identify the perfect route to achieve it.
  • See progress status of earning goals at the end of each week
  • Integrate with platforms to identify potential earning opportunities through other gig or retail jobs available in the market that match a users skills.
  • Cash advances via Stoovo card to smooth over income instability
  • Tools to manage taxes